Best Performing and Versatile Neonatal to Adult Ventilation in Hospital Environments

A compact turbine driven ventilator with multi-function, covers the non-invasive and invasive ventilation, and is suitable for treatment of most patient type. LYRA x1 is versatile throughout hospital and transport. Comprehensive ventilating modes, including APRV, PRVC, NIV are available for all your demands and for all type of patients from neonatal (optional) to adult.

A collapsible high-resolution touch-screen display makes LYRA x1 mounted on a trolley your choice for ICU applications, as well as a high performance ventilator throughout hospital and transport.

The innovative expiration valve disassembling concept brings more ease and efficiency for the sterilization process. As your versatile assistant, LYRA x1 is configured with O2 therapy, P-V tool, a lung titrating gold standard, etc.

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